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Laura Galvis is a passionate realtor known for her ability to connect people and cultures. Raised in Colombia, she developed an early interest in exploring new places and connecting with diverse communities.


Now based in the bustling Miami Area, Laura has found her calling as a Destination Services Consultant (DSC) and Real Estate Agent. With a warm and empathetic approach, she assists relocating families with settling into a new community, ensuring a seamless transition and making them feel at home from the very beginning. Laura not only assists families relocate to new communities, she helps all families find their dream home or sell their current home. Laura's extensive experience as a Real Estate Agent has given her a deep understanding of the housing market and property transactions. As a DSC, she leverages this expertise to guide families in finding suitable housing options tailored to their unique needs. Her journey has taken her to serve as an External Consultant of the European Union, providing invaluable experiences and insights into the workings of an international organization. Collaborating with diverse teams, Laura cultivated her adaptability and honed her intercultural communication skills, which have been instrumental in her success as a realtor. Beyond her professional life, Laura's passion for travel has led her to explore local and international destinations, immersing herself in different customs, cuisine, and art. These experiences have broadened her horizons and deepened her appreciation for cultural diversity.


With a spirit of adventure and a genuine desire to assist others, Laura Galvis continues to make a positive impact on those she encounters. Her unique background and global experiences have shaped her into a realtor who not only understands the intricacies of real estate but also values creating meaningful connections in every aspect of life.

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